work as escorts in chandigarh

Why do some girls or ladies work as an escort in Chandigarh?

With so much advancement in this modern world, some deprived and unheard voices have different life stories that need to be told sometimes in the mainstream.

We are going to explore such things in this following article about why some ladies or girls have to do this prostitute kind of thing even though the human kind is progressing day by day.

It might look very simple topic but it is highly complex and has many perspectives to be fully debated. But we are here to give one or two perspectives. And wish that you guys would share your thoughts and perspectives in the comment section.

Who are these escort ladies serving in Chandigarh?

 Any individual who is working as an escort and call girl in the local areas of Chandigarh with the involvement of some third party. They may be college student, housewives or high-class ladies of society who want variety in their sex life for complete enjoyment. They have different backgrounds and reasons to work as such.

Why do some ladies choose this profession?

  1. Some financially backward or weaker sections are sometimes not able to find other ways of living and choose these professions because of their already parents’ involvement in it.
  2. Some are forced into this work after getting cheated and can’t return to their native home because of shame.
  3. Some have a huge debt to repay because of financial illiteracy and find this as the best way to repay quickly.
  4. Some have huge cravings for sex and want different men to satisfy them. They want enjoyment at the highest level.
  5. Some prefer it as a hobby part-time as it has flexible work hours


Is prostitution legal everywhere?

No, it depends from place to place.

What can be done to support them?

Good education related to financial literacy should be taught so that nobody gets to indulge in it due to money issues.

Shamelessness should be filtered out in society so that women don’t find it uncomfortable to return home if they want to be.

Can they leave it if they want to end?

Yes, they can whenever they want but they have to learn some other way of living.


By looking at every aspect of reason to indulge in this profession. One thing is clear that there much more and more work is needed to be done in the society for the upliftment of such ladies. And shamaness things should be filtered out  

Also, financial literacy needs to be taught playfully so that someone may not get trapped in the debt field.

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